The Nativity Mary

Product Code: REZ140062

The Nativity Mary prop is a small, reverent depiction of a central figure in the Christmas story.

The statue features a kneeling Mary who is praying on a hay-styled base.

Her gentle expression and traditional attire evoke a sense of humility and grace, adding depth and meaning to any Nativity scene. The prop is also available as a life-size Mary.

The Mary statue is made with durable fibreglass resin that can withstand most weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Product Specification
DimensionsL 59 x W 53 x H 96 cm
Illumination Non-LED
Material Fiberglass Resin
Set Up Floor Standing
Usage Outdoor
Additional Information

The Nativity Mary is just one of our many Nativity Figures products, all of which are available in a selection of weather resistant fibreglass resin and durable metal.

Hamac Displays specialise in photo opportunity models suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes including LED models, photo-op seats and props.