The Nativity Large King Balthazar

Product Code: REZ140020

The large Nativity King Balthazar prop is a majestic, life-size figure that adds grandeur to your Nativity display.

The statue features one of the three kings, King Balthazar, from the nativity story, dressed in a yellow garment and red robe and wearing a golden crown with a green jewel.

His regal attire and wise demeanour capture the essence of the Three Kings, bringing a sense of history and solemnity to the Christmas narrative.

The Balthazar statue is made with durable fibreglass resin that can withstand most weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Product Specification
DimensionsL 68 x W 57 x H 185 cm
Illumination Non-LED
Material Fiberglass Resin
Set Up Floor Standing
Usage Outdoor
Additional Information

The Nativity Large King Balthazar is just one of our many Nativity Figures products, all of which are available in a selection of weather resistant fibreglass resin and durable metal.

Hamac Displays specialise in photo opportunity models suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes including LED models, photo-op seats and props.