Creepy Blue Bates

Product Code: CGF0423

Creepy Blue Bates hunts children of the night! He is a life-sized animatronic Halloween figure perfect for hunted houses, Halloween displays, and areas where guests can be spooked when walking by him.

He comes with a build-in loudspeaker with a funny creepy laugh, the kind you do not want to hear in a dark alley when you are alone!

Delve into the enigmatic world of Creepy Blue Bates, a spectral figure ready to haunt your Halloween setup. With its ethereal blue hue and eerie demeanour, this ghostly figure adds a touch of the supernatural to your display.

The haunting expression and flowing form of Creepy Blue Bates evoke a sense of mystery and dread, making it a chilling addition to your Halloween narrative. Its ghostly charm is bound to enthral and spook your visitors.

Categories: Creation Group
Product Specification
DimensionsL 85 x W 35 x H 180 cm
Material Plush
Set Up Indoor
Usage Animatronic
Additional Information

Creepy Blue Bates is just one of our many Creation Group products, where there is a story behind every product.

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